Glee: Paint The Sky
Season One, Episode 1-20
Paint The Sky With Stars
Air date August 5th, 2012
Written by Jack- gleelover
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The first season of musical comedy-drama fanfiction Glee: Paint the Sky premiered on August 5th 2012. It was created and is written by Jack- gleelover.

The season was originally planned to have a 13 episode run but it was extended to 20 episodes, in order to spread the storylines more evenly through the season and be able to add in ones that were cut due to the limited space.

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Title Written by Airdate
1.1. "Paint The Sky With Stars, Part One" Jack- gleelover August 5th 2012

Plot: It is three weeks into the school year at Rosa High. After a discussion with the principal, the new guidance counsellor, Bella, has secured the post of glee club director after the failure of Mr. Lanter. Troubled teen, Devonne, has a fight with dance star Spencer and confesses to her grandmother about her insecurities. Bella asks friends, ditzy cookery teacher, Felicia Mayson and Lizzy Johnson, the art teacher, for much- needed help. Plus, blind girl Beth hopes to join glee club to make a difference.

Guest Featuring: Katerina Martinovska (Mary Lou), Megan Hilty (Idina), Annette Bening (Principal Jane Jones), Gwenyth Paltrow (Lizzy), James Marsden (Brandon), Rachel Bilson (Felicia), Keegan Connor Tracey (Demetria) & Jessica Lange (Claire)

Absent: Marlon Teixeira (Parrish), Charles Cottier (Marc) & Abraham Lim (CJ).

1.2."Paint The Sky With Stars, Part Deux" Jack- gleelover and QFabrayGleek4eva September 8th 2012

Plot: The audition stages open for the glee club, but are cut short after a rebellious performance by Devonne leaves the club in a critical state. Desperate to get the club back, Devonne enlists the help of Kitty and Aurora. Meanwhile, Beth chokes on her audition and reaches a rough spot in her relationship with Aurora. Bella also convinces English & French Teacher, Elliot to co-direct the glee club with her and Walker grows closer to Beth.

Singles: "Rise" (Aurora), "Beautiful/You're Beautiful" (Walker), "Bad Kids" (Devonne), "Skyscraper" (Devonne, Aurora and Kitty), "Time After Time" (Beth)

Guest Featuring: Katerina Martinovska (Mary Lou), Annette Bening (Principal Jones), Gwenyth Paltrow (Lizzy) , Rachel Bilson (Felicia), Keegan Connor Tracey (Demetria), Jessica Lange (Claire) & Logan Lerman (Arrow)

Absent: Marlon Teixeira (Parrish), Charles Cottier (Marc), Abraham Lim (CJ), & Marissa Von Bleicken (Melinda)

2. "Severed Strings" Jack- gleelover October 3rd 2012

Plot: Devonne, still in her suspension, sets her plan into action to become the star of the club, but her unwilling accomplice Kitty is concerned at her friends increasingly heartless behaviour. Beth and Walker's relationship develops into something more, but her quest to find new members with sister, Rory ends in the spread of some hurtful gossip. Meanwhile, Bella enlists Devonne to help shy geek, Mary Lou to develop her self-esteem with a makeover and blackmail culminates in the collapse of two relationships.

Singles: "Papercut" (Devonne), "Respectable" (Beth and Aurora), "Paparazzi" (Beth and Aurora), "If I Had You" (Walker), "Ironic" (Kitty), "Ugly" (Mary Lou and Kitty), "Give Peace A Chance" (Aurora, Beth, Walker and Kitty)

Guest Featuring: Katerina Martinovska (Mary Lou) & Megan Hilty (Idina)

Absent: Marlon Teixeira (Parrish), Charles Cottier (Marc) & Marissa Von Bleicken (Melinda)

3. "I Wish I Could Be Strong" Jack- gleelover November 5th 2012

Plot: Bella & Elliot begin scouring the school in search of raw talent for the glee club, finding several new members in the process. Kitty reunites with Devonne and attempts to help her get over her drug addiction with ingenious methods as they headline the dance troupe to draw new members. Beth is still heartbroken from her break-up with Walker, prompting sister Rory to get revenge. Sports player, Parrish wants to showcase his talents in the glee club, despite disapproval from best friend Arrow while shy, mysterious Melinda is recruited into the club.

Singles: "If You See Him/If You See Her" (Walker and Beth), "Wings" (Dana and Jessica), "Reflection" (Melinda and Devonne), "Kick Ass (We Are Young)" (Parrish, Melinda, Dana and Jessica), "Schieße" (Devonne, Kitty and Spencer), "Freak Flag" (Star Dominion)

Guest Featuring: Katerina Martinvoska (Mary Lou), Logan Lerman (Arrow), Vanessa White (Dana), Debby Ryan (Jessica), Megan Hilty (Idina), Gwyneth Paltrow (Lizzy), Rachel Bilson (Felicia), Keegan Connor Tracey (Demetria), Ty Burrell (Nicholas), Debra Messing (Marianne), Michael Fassbender (Andrew) and Kristin Kreuk (Christie)

Absent: Charles Cottier (Marc)

4. The L-O-V-E Ballerina Jack- gleelover December 2nd, 2012
L-O-V-E Ballerina
Plot: Spencer's life becomes a whole lot more interesting when new transfer student, Courtney, puts her on edge. Wanting to have an impressive application to land a place in NYADA, her dream college, Spencer decides to join the cheer squad. There she finds herself being pulled into a new group, which includes a headstrong sophomore, a paraplegic, and a supposed pyromaniac. She also reflects on what she's lost and to her father's dismay, she finally visits her mother who was formerly, a local and famous ballerina.

Bella is introduced to Felicia's cousin, Marc, who's been noticeably absent; she learns he was a guitarist for the glee club when it was under Mr. Lanter's direction. In need of male members, she persuades him to join but still needs a further three. Meanwhile, Demetria discovers Devonne's deep dark secret and resolves to become the mother figure that her stepdaughter yearns for.

Singles: "Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters from a Planet Near Mars" (Mary Lou), "Oh! Darlin'" (Marc), "Blood Brothers" (Courtney), "We Will Rock You" (Spencer, Rosie, Freya and Lone), "Sound of the Underground" (Devonne), "Iris" (Spencer), "Unwell" (Spencer)

Guest Featuring: Katerina Martinvoska (Mary Lou), Vanessa White (Dana), Debby Ryan (Jessica), Leighton Meester (Courtney), Rachel Bilson (Felicia), Keegan Connor Tracey (Demetria), Jessica Lange (Claire), Annette Bening (Principal Jones), Kendall Jenner (Rosie), Evan Rachel Wood (Freya) and Jena Malone (Lone)

Absent: Abraham Lim (CJ)

5. We Are Shining Jack- gleelover January 3rd 2013

Plot: Invitationals approaches for the group, leaving Walker, Aurora, Parrish, Spencer and Courtney fighting it out for the coveted solo spot. Dana and Kitty begin to compete for the affections of Parrish, unknown to him whilst competition and tension continues to rise between Aurora and Walker leaving Beth in a difficult position as she is encouraged to choose between them. Spencer and Courtney band together with different motives but the same intention of becoming the clubs stars, though this eventually grows into something bigger as they start their own rival glee club.

Singles: "Stay" (Spencer and Beth), "Stronger/Fighter" (Devonne and Dana), "Bright Eyes" (Walker), "Everything At Once" (Aurora), "Bullet the Blue Sky" (Parrish and Arrow), "I Left My Heart in Tokyo" (Spencer and Courtney), "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?/Not Just Tomorrow, But Always" (Walker and Beth), "Spectrum (Say My Name)" (Aurora, Walker, Parrish, Courtney and Courtney), "Earth Song" (Star Dominion)

Guest Featuring: Katerina Martinvoska (Mary Lou), Vanessa White (Dana), Debby Ryan (Jessica), Logan Lerman (Arrow), Leighton Meester (Courtney), Keegan Connor Tracey (Demetria), Jessica Lange (Claire), Kendall Jenner (Rosie), Evan Rachel Wood (Freya) and Jena Malone (Lone)

6.1. Empty Chairs And White Roses, Part One Jack- gleelover February 16th 2013
1X06 collage

Plot: In light of Spencer & Courtney's betrayal and Melinda's absence, the group decide to perform a number to drum in new members for the club, attracting the wrong attention from Courtney in the process while Elliot makes the club's first assignment - 'Vulnerability'. Several couples bond over this as Marc helps Mary Lou conquer her own vulnerability while Parrish and Dana open up to each other, sharing an intimate moment. Meanwhile, Melinda soon has to face up to a possibly serious condition and Aurora's mother reveals a pleasant surprise to her.

Songs: "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'/Remedy" (Kitty, Jessica and Mary Lou), "Applause" (Jessica), "Colors" (Marc and Mary Lou), "Be Yourself" (Dana and Parrish)

Unreleased Songs: "I Believe I Can Fly" (Parrish)

Guest Featuring: Katerina Martinvoska (Mary Lou), Vanessa White (Dana), Debby Ryan (Jessica), Logan Lerman (Arrow), Leighton Meester (Courtney), Keegan Connor Tracey (Demetria), Jessica Lange (Claire), Kendall Jenner (Rosie), Evan Rachel Wood (Freya), Jena Malone (Lone) and Annette Bening (Principal Jones)

Absent: Danielle Fishel (Bella) and Abraham Lim (CJ)

6.2. We Will Stand Tall for the People Like Us, Part TwoJack- gleelover April 2nd 2013

Plot: Unsatisfied with the groups efforts to tackle 'Vulnerability' earlier in the week, Elliot sets them the task of performing a number in front of the student body with each wearing a t-shirt displaying their vulnerability in black letters. Several old and new friendships blossom, as Marc and Walker help each other serenade Mary Lou and Beth, Devonne and Dana reach common-ground and the Everly sisters rekindle their friendship. Meanwhile, Melinda's appendicitis takes her to hospital and Spencer comes clean to Beth about her encounter with Walker.

Songs: "Who You Are" (Melinda), "Skyfall" (Mary Lou with Devonne and Kitty), "Good To You/Beside You" (Marc and Walker), "Sunlight" (Dana and Devonne), "Cease Fire" (Parrish, Marc and Walker with Star Dominion), "Bridge of Light" (Aurora and Beth), "This is Who I Am" (Devonne), "Higher" (Dana, Kitty, Aurora, Beth, Mary Lou and Jessica), "People Like Us/Change Your Life" (Star Dominion)

Guest Featuring: Katerina Martinvoska (Mary Lou), Vanessa White (Dana), Debby Ryan (Jessica), Megan Hilty (Idina), Rachel Bilson (Felicia), Annette Bening (Principal Jones), Ty Burrell (Nicholas), Debra Messing (Marianna) and Kristin Kreuk (Christie)

Absent: Abraham Lim (CJ)

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